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Share the Magic by Voices on High!
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Fashioned in the mold of Band Aid and USA For Africa, Voices On High is an ensemble production of Colorado’s most notable musical artists gathered together to create a unique musical experience for the benefit of Colorado based charities. Formed by veteran songwriter and record producer Ric Cabot Podmore, Voices On High assembled over sixty vocalists and musicians from the Rocky Mountain region to produce “Share The Magic”, a powerful Colorado-Christmas themed song proclaiming a message of love, joy, unity and abundance.

“Ever since the release of ‘Every Christmas Day’ (Podmore’s first ensemble recording for Children’s Hospital in 1993), people continually encouraged me to re-create that type of song,” he explains. “Then, with the wildfires, Aurora Theater tragedy and the death of Jessica Ridgeway, I felt as though I had to do something to help in the relief efforts. After stumbling upon a little six note riff that reminded me of Christmas one Sunday evening, I figured it must be time for me to produce a new Christmas ensemble piece and I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do to help was ‘the best thing’ I do…write and record music. And that’s where Voices On High began.”

Representing a wide variety of musical genres, Voices On High epitomizes the long held and unifying belief that ‘music is the universal language’. It is our goal to utilize our talents and abilities in one accord for the benefit of those in need.

Fundraising done in 2013 went to Mile High United Way Disaster Relief fund.

Fundraising done in 2014 will continue to go to Mile High United Way towards their family and youth development programs.


  • Miracles absolutely grow in Colorado; Multiply all goodness in crisis - May all great involvement come - May all grace invite courage - Share the Magic

    Kyle Aubrey Simmons
  • I loved this last year and still love it. I can't wait for the re-release. In the meantime, I will be sharing this every day until Christmas. One cannot help but get in the Christmas spirit after watching this video. Ric Cabot Podmore, it's a masterpiece. Kudos to all the local and extremely talented musicians for being a part of this.

    Gary G-Luv Gould
  • Love this! Beautiful voices, music and lyrics!

    Cara Brown Mitchell


A Christmas song comprising an ensemble cast of over 60 of Colorado

Proceeds benefiting Colorado Families and Youth

Thank you for visiting "Share The Magic" website. We ask that you consider partnering with us to help families throughout Colorado with programs geared specifically towards the Mile High United Way's Family and Youth Development.

Your donations and support are important to us and that is why we have partnered with The Denver United Way so that fundraising proceeds will be handled most effectively and efficiently.