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(In order of appearance)

Jake Schroeder, Dave Preston, Nancy Hubanks

Sarah Slaton, Chris Daniels, Scotty Brown

Kelly Aspen, Ashlie-Amber Harris, Rob Drabkin

Steve Thomas, Pam Savage, Carolyn Cairo

Mark Oblinger, Wendy Woo, Christine Starkey

Dave Curtis, Tomara Conrad, Lilly Scott

Maurice Larry, Beth Avedis, Rachel James

Bryan Butler, Greg Jacyszyn, Ryan Gombeski

Joellen Cabot, Alan Baird, Stephan Hoff

Christin Grant, Kyle Aubrey Simmons, Danny Martinez

Josh Larson, Seth Larson, Branden Sipes

Larea Edwards, Rachel Hachem, Louis Chavez

Dan Aid, Steve Watts, Bob Harris, Austin Young


Words and Music by Ashlie-Amber Harris, Rachel James & Ric Cabot Podmore
© 2012 As Is – No Warranty Music, Inc./BMI All rights reserved.

Produced by Ric Cabot Podmore

Engineers: Kevin Clock, Steve Avedis, J.P. Manza, Tom Capek & Jesse O'Brien
Mixed by Kevin Clock and Ric Cabot Podmore
Mastered by Tom Capek

All studio tracks recorded at Colorado Sound Recording Studios -- Westminster, Colorado

Chorale Segment recorded at Balistreri Vineyards -- Denver, Colorado

Music Video directed by Erik Olson/Eospow Productions
Documentary directed and edited by Richard Jacobs
Photography by Eric Weber
Cover art and concept by Brooke McKaig
VOH logo designed by Mark Griffin
Project Administrator: Tammy Baretta
Administrative Assistant: Kelly Mershon
Website design: Sonia Park/Nsite 2 Success


The Players:

Christian Teele (Drums)

Kirwan Brown (Bass)

Randy Chavez (Guitars)

Tom Capek (Keyboards)

Ric Cabot Podmore (Piano, Keyboards)

The Chorale:

Craig Alan Currens
Desiree Cantu Crump
Mark Tenorio,
Randy Mosman
Dutch Opperman
Jeff Nichols
Steve Avedis,
Muno Wahab
Rich Ross
Jeff Anderson
Eddie Guion
David Watts
Mark Griffin
Greg Craft
Eric Schaudies